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Stair Rod Articles

07/11/2012 - New products now online,

We are now one of the biggest suppliers of stair rods in the world. We have added another 42 product lines in the last few weeks. We continue to go from strength to strength with our unrivaled knowledge and our commitment to provide quality stair rods at realistic prices.  Our stair rods are 80% cheaper than some of the alternatives on offer. We supply only quality stair rods at a quality price. 

19/07/2012 - New Products Coming Soon

We are expanding again!!! A brand new range exclusive to Quality Stair Rods is about to be introduced! Designed by our design team we are confident that these exclusive new stair rods will be a huge hit with both our trade and public customer base. I'm expecting availability within 2 weeks so check back with us then to be the first consumers with the new designs adorning your staircase.

02/07/2012 - New Images added

We have just added images of all our 1/2 Inch Quality Stair Rods. We are looking to expand our range very shortly to become the largest independent seller of stair rods in the world. We continue to innovate and expand our range for our customers and our expanding fan base on twitter and Facebook is testament to that ambition.

14/05/2012 - What you Need to Know About Stair Clips and Rods

Stair clips might just be other accessories to add beauty to the carpets that complement the staircase at first glance when they were introduced, but their real purpose is to hold the carpet in place. You might be wondering when did the first stair rods appear and how come they are still being used today. All questions and mysteries will be unfolded as you go along.

History of Stair Rods

Stair rods appeared for practical reasons during the late 18th century. Lower-middle to upper class families during Victorian age have homes that featured wooden stair cases which have carpet runners on them. Before wall to wall carpeting and non-slip padding came to be, stair rods had been there to keep the carpet runner steady. They were considered a very smart creation.

Part of the rods ingenuity was that they could periodically allow the runners to be pulled up or down to prevent uneven colouring on the runners. This way, the beauty of the carpet can also be preserved. Stair clips, on the other hand, function the same as the rods, the only difference being they clip the sides of the runner to keep it in place.

Stair rods were made of different materials ranging from brass to wood. Middle-class family who couldn't afford the price of decorative rods, during that time, only use the decorative ones within the view range of the guests. Plain stair rods were used to secure the runner on the steps where the eyes could no longer see.

Modern Stair Rods and Stair Carpets

Today, installing carpet runners, has stricter safety measures than the 1700s and 1800s. Stair clips or stair rods are used as decorations for the stairs and not for installation purposes. During the 1940s, stair rods were really very common. It slowed down when wall to wall carpeting was introduced in the 1950s.

During the 1980s, a large demand for stair rods and clips surprisingly emerged. People began to take a liking in European style homes and soon they are recreating turn of the century style with their staircases and completely turn down wall to wall carpeting. Their hardwood and stone staircases have posh carpet runners with equally elegant stair rods and clip. The trend still goes on as more and more homemakers are opting to have a carpet runner on their staircase accentuated with modern rods or clips.

Designers see the potential of the timeless and decorative appeal of carper runners and stair rods. They begin to create more modern and contemporary designs that will fit most homes. This is the age of cyber space and modern gadgetry and it won't hurt to turn out something from the past into a modern design without losing its touch.

Installation and Maintenance of Stair Rods

Stair clips or stair rods are not that hard to install, but they must be properly maintained for them to continue serving you really well.

Modern installation of stair rods is easier than the late 18th century. Once the carpet runners are in place, then you can begin your rod installation. Since carpet runners are good as they are (meaning without any stair clips or rods), installing the rods can actually make it even lovelier.

When installing your stair rods, attach the finials first (if there are any) to each rod bracket's outer side. Put the bracket against the edge of the carpet runner where riser and tread meet. Hold in place and carefully mark the spot for the screw holes then drill 1/16-inch holes on each mark. Screw the bracket to riser and tread. Mark and cut the rods to the correct length using a hacksaw or tubing cutter. Press rod into the line where riser and tread intersect. Make sure that both ends are secure in the brackets.

Stair clips are easier to install than rods, needing only two wood screws per clip and you will have a very professional look and finish for your stairs. These clips come in different styles and finish and all are good.

You must always practice regular cleaning and proper maintenance of your stair rods or clips to preserve its beauty. The regular maintenance can prevent grease and dirt build up that can alter the appearance of your clips or rods. Choose a cleansing agent that will not harm the finish of your stair rods or clips, better use plain water and a soft cloth in wiping them.

Use a soft brush and remove the accumulated dust first then wipe with a damp cloth. It will be enough to clean it. Avoid scrubbing to prevent any unsightly scratch marks.

If you have brass or bronze clips or rods, they should be cleaned on a regular basis using the right metal polish followed by a good buffing. Use cloth that will not leave any lint on your stair clips or rods.

29/04/2012 - Stair Rods for Fitted Carpets

We often get phone calls from our customers enquiring if our stair rods are suitable for fitted carpets. The quick answer is YES, they can be used over fitted carpets. The only consideration to be made is that the stair rods are not designed for this use and therefor the screws provided may not be long enough, however a quick trip to a DIY store will provide you with the required screws and allow them to be easily fitted.  The 3/8" range of stair rods is more suitable for application over fitted carpets.

23/04/2012 - Tweeting success

Quality stair rods has quickly become a roaring or tweeting success on twitter, we are gathering followers faster than a migration of sparrows at the first sight of autumn. If you are a user of twitter please follow us @qualitystairrod we occasionally offer twitter only offers, we will keep you informed about all the news in the stair rod and stair carpet world as well as offering an insight to the work  and the life of the owner, you never know you may even laugh at a few of our updates. If your not on twitter follow us on Facebook, you may get a discount code or special offer. You can of course pass these onto friends and family.

04/03/2012 - New Photos Uploaded

Check out our new photos of our great products. We are expanding all the time and expect to be able to add even more quality stair rods in the next few weeks. Remember, if you run or own a carpet fitting or retailers, please get in touch about a trade account. We work directly with the manufacturer and distribute our own stair rods.

15/02/2012 - Social Networks up and running

All our social network buttons are now working, Please click on the sites and add us to your friends on twitter, Facebook or follow our blog at bloggers. Its also helpful if you share your experience with us, I get lots of emails from satisfied customers, I really welcome the feedback and would love you to share your experience with other customers. Please feel free to write reviews on the products you buy. Recommendations from our many satisfied customers are really worth their weight in gold. 

23/01/2012 - New stair rod cutters and fitting kits

Quality Stair Rods have added some great quality stair rod cutters and stair carpet fitting kits to its ever expanding product range. We continue to push the boundaries of the stair rod industry and look forward to introducing new and innovative products over the next 12 months.

25/01/2012 - Another satisfied customer

Dear Quality Stair Rods, Thank you for supplying us with the stair rods we ordered, your service was very prompt, you said they would be delivered and like magic they appeared on that day.

We are so pleased with the quality and the way they look, they have finished off our stairs perfectly. Also the price you charge for this product has saved us a fortune. I will recommend your company to anyone who is interested in stair rods for their home.

Thank you once again
Robert B

22/01/2012 - Add us to your social networks

We have introduced a range of social networks to keep you up to date with our current developments, We endeavour to update these as often as possible so please follow us on Facebook, twitter, Google + and bloggers. Not only will these give you some great stair rods information, they will also be the only place to pick up voucher codes and other discounts as well as a valuable way of communication with us as questions will remain public and not only help you, but also help other customers. Its a pleasure to invite you into the Quality Stair Rod world and who knows I might even update my status with funnies, new products, discount codes and much much more. 

14/01/2012 - Introducing the new crystal range

We are proud to introduce our new crystal range of quality stair rods.  We continue to work exclusively with our manufacturer to supply new and innovative products to our huge customer base. The introduction of the crystal range reaffirms our commitment to continue to provide a wide range of superb stair rods. We plan to grow exponentially during 2012 and will be introducing a wide range of new and innovative products. These products as usual are available to both our trade customers and the public.

02/01/2012 - 36" stair rods in stock.

We are happy to announce that all of your plain rod stair rods are now available in 36 inch variety. These stair rods are exactly the same quality as all of our other stock, Ideal for wider staircases or for use on winders, you can now be sure that all of your requirements are met by the leading supplier of stair rods.

01/01/2012 - New range

We would like to introduce our new range of rope stair rods. They are the same superb quality as all of our other stair rods with the added elegance of superb rope effect bars. We are proud to offer them with the full range of finial types and in the full range of colours, We are continuing to expand our range and expect 2012 to be a landmark year for our company. We would like to thank all of our customers for their support so far and hope that our exceptional value, superior customer service and unrivaled "Quality" stair rods will continue to be the preferred choice of professional carpet fitters.

23/9/2011 - Origins of the stair rod

Stair rods originally emerged in the homes of the 18th century middle and upper classes. The prolific and quality building of the early Victorians saw a huge serge in two and three storey building. Not only were these new buildings of great build quality they also contained a wealth of architectural features such as cornice, ceiling roses, high skirting boards, elaborate fireplaces and equally elaborate solid hardwood staircases. This created its own problem as it was before the days of wall to wall carpeting and non slip padding. A stair runner added to the centre of the staircase was for safety reasons, noise reduction and aesthetics. The stair rod was developed as a way to secure the stair runner in place but it also had a secondary purpose in that it was a temporary fixing meaning the carpet could be moved up and down the stair nosing so that excessive wear didn’t occur in one place thus extending the lifespan of the carpet runner.

Originally designed for safety and practicality, stair rods continued to develop and became an interior design feature. Elaborate Victorian designs soon came onto the market and wealthier homes would install designs from the middle east as a sign of wealth. Finials, decorated brackets and metal scroll work were soon the envy of lots of middle class Victorian households and they would install decorative stair rods to the visible treads as you entered the hallway and then use the cheaper plain practical stair rods for the other stairs in the house.

Today stair rods are used as decorative items only, improvements in staircase safety and government legislation means that they shouldn’t be used as the only method of securing the stair runner. Stair rods have enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance in the past 30 years. They were common in houses up until 1940's. However with the invention of wall to wall carpeting in the 1950's the use of stair rods slowed. However in the early 80's the trend for using stair runners returned as people wanted to recreate the elegant look of the early 1900's.

The demand for stair runners and stair rods is as strong as ever and an always improving range of products has led to a real surge in demand from customers looking for elegant Victorian style with a contemporary twist.