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Quality Stair Rods FAQ's

Do our stair rods need polishing?

No, all stair rods at Quality Stair Rods are coated with a specially formulated anti tarnish coating. If you need to clean them you can wipe them down with a damp cloth or duster. Do Not use metal polish as this can damage the coating and cause the surface to tarnish

Can our stair rods be cut to size?

Yes, all of our stair rods can easily be cut down to size, you may use either a hacksaw or an adjustable pipe cutter. The advantage of our stair rods are that they have been specifically designed with this in mind.  The cuts are concealed within the brackets meaning that you always get a flawless finish and we continue to grow with happy customers recommending friends and family.

Can stair rods be used to fasten down stair runners?

No, Quality Stair Rods strongly recommend that you secure the stair runner by other means.  Correctly fitted carpet and underlay will not only extend the lifespan of your carpet, it will also improve the safety of your staircase.

Can I order just one stair rod as a sample?

Yes, We are happy to send as few or as many stair rods as you may require. Delivery charges outside the UK apply at the flat level regardless of the number of stair rods purchased.

Can "Quality Stair Rods" be used on fitted carpets?

Yes. Although our stair rods are not designed for use over fitted carpets, there is no reason why you cannot use them for such an application. You may need to purchase longer screws to allow for the depth of the carpet and underlay when securing the stair rods.