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Stair Rod Installation

Our stair rods are renowned for their ease of installation, with the same flawless finish easily obtainable by DIY installers and professional carpet fitters. Follow our step by step guide "How to install stair rods" 

1. Attach finial to outside of each rod bracket.

2. Place a bracket against either edge of the runner at the intersection of the tread and riser.

3. Hold them in place and mark the locations of the screw holes. Drill 1⁄16-inch pilot holes at each mark.

4. Screw one bracket to one side of the carpet runner at the tread and rise intersection.

5. Insert the metal rod into the fixed bracket, offer the other bracket to the other end of the rod.

6. Measure the gap between the bracket and the edge of the stair runner. 

7. Cut the rod down by the measured amount using a stair rod cutter.

8. Insert the rod into the fixed bracket, Place the unfixed bracket onto the other end of the rod.

9. Fix in place using fixings ensuring the bracket is positioned against the edge of the stair runner.